ARCA 2.0: Automatic Recognition of Color for Archaeology through a Web-Application


ARCA stands for Automatic Recognition of Color for Archaeology. Indeed, color specification is a common and critical issue for archaeologists, motivated by the need of identifying and cataloguing color names. For these purposes, Munsell Soil Color Charts (MSCCs) are largely employed. However, archaeologists are used to perform color specification by visual means, through a procedure that has been proved to be time consuming, subjective and error-prone. In its first version, ARCA has been presented as the outcome of our project for realizing an application which could be objective and easy to be used directly in the excavation sites. In this paper, we present ARCA 2.0: a totally reshaped method for color specification relying onto empiric transformations specifically tuned for cultural heritage color specification. As in the previous version, ARCA 2.0 is thought for RGB to HVC color conversion. We validate and assess the newer method, releasing a set of coefficients that can be used also by other researchers for color specification tasks. We also hereby present a demo of the web-application based onto experimental results reached during this research.

In Proceedings of Metroarcheo (2018).