Virtual unrolling using x-ray computed tomography


Recently many efforts to perform virtual restoration of archaeological papyri have been proposed. Papyrus degradation is often very hard so that physical unrolling is sometime absolutely impossible. In this paper, a new virtual restoration methodology based on software manipulation of X-ray tomographic images is described. A realistic model, obtained by painting a hieroglyph inscription on a papyrus substrate made by the ancient method and using pigments compatible with the Egyptian use, was made for the X-ray investigation. The 259 slices obtained using a tomography were elaborated with original software in order to obtain a virtual result that is quite similar to the hypothetical unrolled sheet.

In Proceedings of 23rd European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2015).

Note: attached slides are related to an extension of this work, published in the paper: Allegra, D., Ciliberto, E., Ciliberto, P., Petrillo, G., Stanco, F., & Trombatore, C. (2016). X-ray computed tomography for virtually unrolling damaged papyri. Applied Physics A, 122(3), 256.